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Just like riding a bike

I was chatting to one of my exercise friends about the state of my still wobbly post-baby tummy (three years? Seriously?) and saying we needed to do more crunches. She rightly responded by saying that general exercise will help fix it just as well, and maybe we should work on more distance in our runs. I instantly thought what a great parallel that was to how coaching works.

Someone can come to a coach about a particular issue, but in fact a holistic approach is often what is needed to fix that issue. You may have already seen a Wheel of Life but this is a really quick and clear visual on how all facets of your life interconnect and influence each other.

Draw a circle and divide it into 8 slices like a pizza. Assign an area of your life to each segment – it can be anything, but common options are work or career, love life, family and friends, health, finances, self-development, spirituality, physical environment… You choose to suit you, but make sure each choice is important to you.

Now for each segment, mark out of 10 how happy or satisfied you are with that aspect of your life at the moment. The centre is 0 and the outer rim is 10. Then join all the points together, or colour in the section.

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How bumpy is your wheel? Are you pretty happy overall or are there standout areas of your life that score low? How are they interconnected? Is one area dominating over everything else? How do you prioritise that? Is one area that you really value falling behind? What can you change to make yourself more balanced?

Making life changes can be pretty daunting, especially knowing where to start. Working with a coach will help you explore and plan why and how, and ultimately you can confidently implement some powerful improvements in your life.

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