What is Coaching?

Shine coaching is:

  • Challenging – I will stretch your comfort zone, and I will also challenge the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back.

  • Fun – While the process of change can be hard at times, that doesn’t mean it all has to be deadly serious.

  • Safe – This is a time purely for you, on your agenda.

  • Truthful – All sessions are completely confidential, so be honest. It’s the only way to progress. Being honest with yourself is hard sometimes, so it’s also about being brave.

‘The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.’   Gloria Steinem

  • Action-based – Coaching looks to the future. It requires you to do homework, make changes and take ownership.

  • Energising – As you bring clarity to the way forward, you will feel a surge of positivity and excitement.

What happens in coaching?


Classically, coaching is conducted in face to face talking sessions. An hour session allows a good amount of time to have a productive conversation and set goals, and six sessions usually is the right number for people to bring about the change they are wanting. However, coaching needs to work for you so we can discuss the best format for sessions in the introductory meeting.


If you are in the Tunbridge Wells area I can meet you face to face, or if you are further afield sessions can be run over Skype or FaceTime, or over the phone. Sessions can be longer or shorter than an hour if that suits, and I often coach in the evening to fit around the working day.





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